Frequently Asked Questions

  • The booking link is only accessible via the NTU intranet as our booking system is hosted on NTU Libraries’ facilities booking platform.

  • Not unless you invite them inside, which is strictly prohibited by the way. The pod is automatically locked the moment the shutter is closed.

  • Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited inside our pods, apart from plain H2O. Even so, we would appreciate it if you do not spill your plain H2O inside the pod. This is to ensure cleanliness of the pods so others may enjoy a similar resting experience. Consume and be judged.

  • Yes,  you may. However, walk-in bookings still involve booking the pod through the NTU Libraries Facilities Booking Platform. Hence, walk-in bookings only differ from the usual means of booking in that you will be booking the pod in the cosy premises of the library.

  • A 10-20 minutes nap gives you the dose of alertness to carry on with your day. Any longer than 30 minutes, ‘sleep inertia’ creeps in, clouds your mind, slows down your reflexes, you get the picture. To learn more, check out this brilliant resource!


Less Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your belongings serve as your bolster. They should be placed on yourself. Your shoes however, should be placed outside the rest pod.

  • Our pod operates within the working hours of Lee Wee Nam Library. So, no.

  • We regret to inform our users that our pods are not soundproof. However, do note that the space within the pod is a judgement-free zone, unless you consume foods or fluids (with the exception of plain H2O).